The Red Hen Collection

 Designer's Story:    The red hen collection was inspired by my younger sister, who named me that after I left home for the wide world (red hen is a resourceful and fussy character in a wonderful children's story).


     Our red hen line begins with two golden hens, and a tiny golden envelope, all pendants.  Gemstone eggs, handset by our master goldsmith, can be worn individually, or along with the hens.   Solid gold, handcarved nest eggs are a more recent addition to the line ...  enclosed in each is a tiny, sold gold egg.  All items are original designs, only available through Nam Chai Jewels.


     Our red hen is charming and proud:  she's not afraid of hard work and can make it on her own. She's an emblem of initiative, responsibility, and competence rewarded.  While the duck, pig and cat in us assert themselves daily, I think we all have a little red hen that wins out in the end.

Red Hen Collection on Clothesline
Handforged Yellow Gold Nest Egg
Yellow Gold Hen with Ruby Eye
Delicate Gemstone Eggs in Gold
Red Hen Hoops with Egg Cluster
Red Hen Hoops
18k Rose Gold Nest Egg
Nest Egg and Friends
Original Red Hen Collection
Our Cookie Cutter Bracelet