The Lotus

                  Designer's Story 



The Lotus design was born to hold a gem that was so beautiful loose ... so perfect on its own that any setting seemed to diminish its beauty.   It was a 5+ carat, natural blue star Sapphire.   I was inspired to create a setting that would present this phenomenal gemstone in a beautiful way, without competing with it. 


The design was a long time in coming ... I acquired that sapphire in 2005, and in 2007, after creating 8 prototypes, we finally had the right mix of elements:  original, curved cutwork prongs shaped like Lotus petals, our trademark pedestal below the basket, the delicate scrolls on each side, and that magical charm.   It was immediately bought by someone in the business, who advised us that this was a true original, and that we should promote it.  And so we did ... you can see in the gallery here some of the many beautiful Lotuses we've created over the years. 


We are aware that copies have sprung up among other jewelers, who sometimes use even the name and text that we use to describe it.  While we are working to protect our legal copyright on this design, we also know that the original can't be duplicated.   Our work comes with all the warm intentions and focus that we pour into it. 


That first Lotus setting is the first image in this gallery, posed with a large Pink Sapphire Lotus (our second Lotus setting).   All of the settings shown here were forged by hand, without casting. 



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