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Custom design is a joint venture.  While we love being given free rein to design from the heart when we behold a particular gem, it is a unique joy to collaborate with a customer to bring their vision to life.    We welcome your ideas, and the exchange of creative energy that that process brings. 


In our custom jewelry gallery, you will see many of the settings we've created over the years at the request of our customers.   Some were created to feature a gem selected from our collection; others have been designed to showcase a customer's gemstone.    Over the years we have worked to find the best suppliers for the various gem types, particularly suppliers who share our love for stunning, natural gemstones, and aren't showing dozens of pieces that look alike.    We can source something just for you if we don't have your desired gem type/color/cut in our inventory of over 1000 stones.


We hope you enjoy looking at our work, and will feel free to open a conversation with us about your own vision (please visit our Commission page to learn more about that process).   All items in this gallery have been sold; it is a showcase, a visual thank you to all of our treasured customers.   We have spun beauty together!