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Please be in touch if you would like to inquire about having an item of jewelry made.  Communication is key for custom orders especially; we are happy to take the time required before beginning work on your custom jewelry.   We work in yellow, white and rose golds (pictured above in the trio of Lotus rings), as well as sterling silver and mixed metals.  Platinum has too high a melting point to forge by hand with a jeweler's torch;  platinum jewelry is normally cast, then hand "finished."    Since our jewelry is handmade in the literal sense (no casting/no molds), the platinum family of metals isn't available at our bench.  For gemstones, we provide a selection of choices via photos; if we are creating a setting for your gemstone, we simply  need the measurements.


We begin commissions with a 50% deposit, upon payment of which the project is put on the calendar.   We provide sketches based on our discussions; benchwork isn't begun until you are fully satisfied with the design.  The wait for our work varies between 3 and 6 weeks; when your jewelry is ready, we will send along photos of the finished piece for your approval (prior to shipping).  Any adjustments/modifications can be made at that time ... shipping doesn't take place until you are completely satisfied and ready to receive your jewelry.  The balance will be billed at that point.  We accept payment by Paypal, or by direct deposit to our business bank account (HSBC).  


Shipping is by Express Mail, which is fast and secure (we will be happy to let you know what the shipping charge will be prior to billing).   Customs charges vary from country to country, and are the customer's responsibility if they do arise.  


We do not have insurance that covers loss or damage to materials provided by the customer.   In the event that a gem is damaged during setting, we would be unable to replace or provide other reimbursement for the gem.  We take extreme care with all the materials we work with, and have not yet had a situation of loss or damage arise -- our bench is a place of old ways and patience.  But setting is a stressful process, and it could happen; we would ask you to consider our policy, and make sure you are comfortable with it before beginning any work with us using your materials (thank you).  

Loss of materials in the post is also a risk one takes with shipping.  We have not yet had a situation of loss arise, but again, it's possible.  We will provide full reimbursement of items shipped by us that have been proven to have been lost (confirmed through postal tracking systems) after the postal tracking process has been completed.  Refund excludes shipping charges.  Refunds do not include the value of any materials included in the item that were provided by the customer, as the price of these materials is not included in the price paid (and as explained above, we aren't liable for customers' gems).   We can create accurate open settings from a distance given precise gem measurements, and your local jeweler can set your gem  ... this is a wonderful option for heirloom or irreplaceable gems. 


Because custom orders are specifically requested and agreed upon by the customer, and are not a part of our line, they are non-refundable.    For non-custom special orders (orders that involve us creating a setting that is part of our line), the 50% deposit is non-refundable.   We are happy to discuss any of these details with you; please feel free. 

Our policies are in place to give our customers a general understanding of what can be expected.  We tend towards flexibility over rigidity; customer satisfaction plays the strongest role in our response to situations that arise.