A Thousand Kisses (Mille Baisers)




Inspired by the refreshing beauty of romantic love ... Mille Baisers has at its heart the phrase "Je te couvre de mille baisers" (I cover you with a thousand kisses).


An original, copyrighted design, Mille Baisers is shown here as a tag pendant, with hand-chased lettering and diamond accents.    

This pendant measures 5/8 inch x 5/8 inch; with the bale, the length becomes 7/8 inch.   Mille Baisers can be forged in any size, from any gold karat or color, with the accent stones of your choice. 





My Thousand Kisses design was originally created as a lariat, pairing a round gemstone cabochon with a solid gold, handcarved tag featuring a bed of roses.  I love the passion, color and durability of ruby for this design ... but all gem types are stunning in this setting.  The Lariat includes rope as a design element; and the words of the design can be chased on the back of the tag.


Coordinating ring and earrings here feature handcarved roses and bezel set rubies; rope is optional.   Custom designs are available.




Gentle, romantic peach moonstone (natural, undyed material from India) gives another feeling to the setting.  Also available are Rhodolite Garnet, Lavender Jade, Blue Sheen Rainbow Moonstone, Sky Blue Topaz, Swiss Blue Topaz, and Natural Rose Quartz.  


For those who prefer stud earrings, we've designed solid gold roses in full bloom, surrounded by a border of gold (photos to come).    

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