Welcome to Nam Chai Jewels


Creating original, handforged jewelry since 2004, Nam Chai Jewels occupies a warm, slow niche in a vast, fast industry.   We invite you to enjoy some time with us.  Browse our Custom Jewelry gallery, where you will see some of the hundreds of unique designs we have created over the years for our customers.  In Collections, see our best selling original designs, including the Lotus Ring.  Learn more about working with us on a handmade, OOAK jewelry item on our Commission page.   We have designed this site to be a visual thank you and a resource; a reference point that can be used in the design/jewelry commission process with us. 




Natural Treasures


Our work centers around colored gemstones, whose variety and beauty continually amaze and inspire us.  They are the earth's natural treasures, stunning displays of mineral activity.  We source and set all gemstone varieties, specializing in natural blue sheen and rainbow moonstone, sapphire, ruby, and natural zircon.  We are happy to work with customer-provided gems as well, please write to discuss a handmade setting for your gem.


Each piece that leaves our bench has been forged entirely by hand, without casting ... essentially every Nam Chai Jewel is a one-of-a-kind jewelry item.   On average, 6 to 7 items a month leave our bench.   Pictured is a solid 18k Yellow Gold and Carnelian Scarab necklace.  Each scarab setting area has been handmade, beginning with a sheet of gold.  The chain in this piece has also been entirely handmade and hand assembled.  The Carnelian are natural, and were cut for our work; each bears the handcarved glyph for "protection" on the underside.  They were cured in the sun to achieve their vivid, fiery reddish-orange hue.